26 September 2012 

UPS Foundation pledges new road safety funding during Clinton Global Initiative 

Ed Martinez, President of UPS Foundation, and Mirjam Sidik, Executive Director of AIP Foundation announce their partnership, watched by Michelle Yeoh.
Michelle Yeoh, Global Road Safety Ambassador, on stage at CGI with Bill Clinton(copyright: Clinton Global Initiative)

The UPS Foundation, the charitable arm of global logistics leader UPS, has announced that it will provide a three year grant to the AIP Foundation. The funding of US$450,000 will allow AIP Foundation to deliver safety helmets for children who ride on the family motorcycle in South East Asia.

The financial support from UPS, a Global Supporter of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, was communicated by Eduardo Martinez, President of the UPS Foundation, and Mirjam Sidik, Executive Director of AIP Foundation, together with Michelle Yeoh, movie actor and Global Road Safety Ambassador, at a session on Safe and Sustainable Transportation during the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City.

This commitment by UPS will provide helmets and road safety education for more than 27,000 students and teachers as AIP Foundation expands its Helmets for Kids program in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Launched in 2000 by President Bill Clinton during a visit to Vietnam, Helmets for Kids is an award winning initiative that provides motorcycle crash helmets and road safety education to school children, and trains teachers and parents to sustain safe road user behaviour.

Eduardo Martinez, President of The UPS Foundation, said: “Road safety is a global concern that impacts all of us, whether it’s helping people to understand the need for wearing helmets while on motor scooter transportation in Asia through the “Helmets for Kids” initiative or teaching UPS’s safe driving methods to drivers of all ages around the globe.  UPS drivers are among the safest on the road.  Our 102,000 drivers worldwide log more than 3.3 billion miles a year and average less than 1 accident per million miles driven. “ 

Mirjam Sidik, Executive Director of AIP Foundation, said: “Road traffic accidents are the number one health burden for young people worldwide and cost developing countries at least US $100 billion per year. UPS support continues to help in our push to prevent 80,000 child injuries and fatalities by 2015. And they’ve already contributed in a meaningful way: one of the helmets UPS donated in their pilot program at Pham Van Chieu Primary School in Vietnam saved a little girl’s life a few months ago. Eleven-year old Thao was in a serious crash, and she wouldn’t be alive today if she hadn’t worn her helmet.”

Michelle Yeoh, Global Road Safety Ambassador, said: “I am delighted that UPS, a committed Global Supporter of the Decade of Action, is supporting this Helmets for Kids initiative. I have spent time with AIP Foundation and have seen first hand the tremendous impact of their operations in Vietnam and Cambodia. They are providing a vaccine for road traffic injury, protecting children a school at a time. If we are to achieve the goal of the Decade of Action private sector support for life-saving road safety, programs like Helmets for Kids will have a vital role to play.” 

Saul Billingsley, Director of the Road Safety Fund, welcomed the announcement: “I’m delighted that our 2012 Policy and Donor Forum was the catalyst bringing UPS Foundation and AIP Foundation together. This is a great example of what we are trying to do at the Road Safety Fund, to generate awareness of the Decade of Action and to facilitate partnerships between donors and deliverers of road injury prevention programmes.”

Also at the Clinton Global Initiative, the philanthropic road safety investments of the FIA Foundation were highlighted by President Bill Clinton during a plenary session on Women and the Built Environment. Mr Clinton updated his annual meeting on the progress of the FIA Foundation’s 2010 CGI Commitment on ‘Delivering Vaccines for Road Safety’. He was joined on stage for the announcement by Michelle Yeoh. The FIA Foundation is the host of, and a leading donor to, the Road Safety Fund, and the Fund’s support for AIP Foundation’s helmet initiative in Cambodia was one of the projects highlighted during President Clinton’s report.