Your Decade 

This is your Decade. What will you do?

Achieving the goal of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety is a question of life or death for 5 million people. They could be a member of your family, a friend or a colleague at work. One of them could be you.

We all have a stake in making roads safe. Please help us to deliver action.

Make an online donation to the Road Safety Fund, join our online Decade community and look out ways you can get involved in for new campaigning and fundraising initiatives, coming soon.

“Enormous numbers of children die on the roads and that is scandalous and an embarrassment to us all. I think this Decade of Action is going to make a huge difference and the Road Safety Fund is a way of getting money there”.

Michael Palin

“I grew up in Kenya and I see that there is a need to save lives. So many people are dying on our roads.”

David Rudisha

“The tragedy is that so many people are killed just because basic safety measures are not in place. This is why we need action, so we can save millions of lives. Please give your support too”. 

Jenson Button


The Long Short Walk is a campaign promoting safe walking for all 

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Sesame Street Safety

We have teamed up with Sesame Workshop and their global road safety ambassador Grover on a mission to help make the world's roads safe for children and families. Check out Grover's advice in these short cartoons >

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